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Budget & Value

We know all small businesses have a tight budget especially when it comes to a website, which is why we place a lot of importance in getting value for money by using the latest tools and resources.


We know how to make websites stand-out with great designs, easy to use tools and a customer feeling that keeps your customers coming back to your website time and time again.

Masters of SEO

Over 15 years experience in making websites stand out for search engines means we know what works. We continuously check your ranking ensuring you’re at the top of your target audience.

One-stop shop

We can handle it all from domain name selection and hosting to monitoring and scalability! Need a new email address, we can handle it for you. If your website becomes overloaded we can deal with it.

who are we

We have a long history of making great websites.
Our team have been making great websites since 1996

We've been making websites for over twenty years, since the early days of the internet. In that time we've learnt and built on our key skills. We've become experts in understanding the key qualities small businesses need from a website.

Using industry leading resources and tools means we can deliver the two key areas of cost and quality, whilst still producing a polished and highly professional website

With our own hosting servers and monitoring tools we can take care of everything from emails to uptime. We can actively monitor key areas of your website and respond immediately to any issues.

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    Located in Berkshire

    Indigodev are located in Mortimer, a tranquil Berkshire village located just a few miles south of Reading and a few miles north of Basingstoke.

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    Covering all the bases

    We've worked on a huge range of websites, from single page promotional pieces, to holiday home booking sites and fully fledged e-commerce sites.

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    Watching & Analysing

    Our systems and dashboards will watch your website for issues, analyse trends and conversions, allowing us to help you keep your business running and growing.


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